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When searching for the well-known bookseller Barnes & Noble online, one site that may pop up in results is However, despite the professional-looking site and branding, has no actual relationship to the real Barnes & Noble company. In fact, security experts and consumer watchdogs have identified as a fraudulent website engaging in deceptive tactics to take advantage of public trust in the Barnes & Noble (B&N) brand name. This article will delve into bstoer’s sketchy background, concerning tactics, and why consumers should be wary of using this false Barnes & Noble storefront.

Bstoer’s Masquerade as an Online Barnes & Noble Store

For the unaware consumer, looks convincingly like part of the authentic domain owned by the genuine Barnes & Noble company. The site layout closely resembles B&N’s real web design, right down to mimicking specific product categories, banners, icons, fonts, and color schemes used on Barnes & Noble properties. To someone not carefully inspecting the domain name, bstoer seems a reasonable destination for safely purchasing books just as from the venerable B&N brand.

However, security experts state the reality is bstoer has no legal relationship with Barnes & Noble. It is a fraudulent independent domain simply stealing branding to take advantage of consumer trust in B&N’s reputation. Bstoer is purposely masquerading as part of the legitimate empire. But Barnes & Noble has never authorized bstoer to use its intellectual property.

 Tactics Revealing Bstoer’s Fraudulent Intentions  

Beyond the stolen branding and designed similarities to, experts describe a few key signs confirming bstoer operates with fraudulent intentions rather than as a valid Barnes & Noble property:

  • Non-secure checkout process – When a customer tries purchasing products through bstoer, the site redirects to an unrecognized payment portal that is non-HTTPS. Valid merchants offer secure, encrypted checkout processes.
  • Lack of order confirmation – Unlike Barnes & Noble’s email confirmations after transactions, bstoer does not reliably provide documentation like receipts, tracking numbers, or order lookups.
  • No customer service information – Bstoer lacks basic customer service contact options common across legitimate B&N properties, showing the site has no real infrastructure.
  • Extremely discounted pricing – Products may be listed significantly below normal B&N pricing in an attempt to bait unsuspecting shoppers into making fraudulent purchases. 

According to security sources, these types of tactics indicate bstoer’s true nature is to enable financial fraud, theft of payment information, or other predatory schemes rather than actually shipping merchandise to shoppers.

 The Risks of Providing Personal or Payment Information 

Since investigations have confirmed fraudulently claims to be part of Barnes & Noble’s retail operations, consumer protection advocates strongly warn the public to avoid providing any sensitive personal or financial data to the site under any circumstances.

Potential risks of customers submitting information include:

Theft of credit/debit card or banking details for the purpose of making unauthorized transactions in the victim’s name. Financial fraud is commonly associated with malicious sites presenting themselves as legitimate retailers.

Use of personal information for identity fraud purposes, allowing criminals to open accounts or access services using stolen customer data.

Deployment of malware onto visitor’s devices designed to spy, access existing account information, encrypt files for ransom, or damage systems in other ways. Scam sites may intentionally infect visitors.

No products ever shipped, resulting in lost money with no recourse provided by shady anonymous operators with no accountability. 

Essentially, any data shared with Bstoer risks enabling some form of criminal misuse rather than legitimate retail transactions, given the confirmed deceptive nature of the site. This cautionary approach should also extend to dealings with companies like CosmorTumblr, which has garnered a questionable reputation, suggesting a similar vigilance is necessary to protect your personal and financial information.

 How to Spot Other Potential Scam Sites

While may eventually be shut down or exposed through better public awareness, similar scam websites continually pop up seeking to dupe consumers through familiar branding and slick designs. Shoppers should remain vigilant for other potential imitation storefronts disguising dubious intentions. Warning signs to watch for include:

  • Site addresses that mimic legitimate domains with odd additions or misspellings. 
  • Secure certificate warnings when entering checkout processes.
  • Visually professional designs but lacking detailed company information.
  • Pages not loading fully or having dead links.
  • Social media icons or live chat features that don’t actually function.
  • Limited products, categories, images, or content mimicking real sites.

Any time a seemingly professional shopping site triggers suspicions, trust instincts and avoid supplying information or money. Checking for recent reviews or feedback may also reveal reported fraudulent activities.


In summary, while fraudulently presents itself through stolen graphics and branding as part of the legitimate retail company Barnes & Noble, extensive investigations clearly classify this domain as an untrustworthy fraudulent operator with no actual relationship to Barnes & Noble. Security experts strongly warn consumers to avoid providing the site any information or using its payment portals, as doing so risks enabling financial fraud or even identity theft-related repercussions. Savvy online shoppers should watch for other similarly suspicious domains, remain vigilant against slick fakes, and focus their Barnes & Noble spending solely through verified storefronts for their own safety.


1. Is affiliated with Barnes & Noble?

No, has no affiliation with Barnes & Noble. It is a fraudulent site that illegally uses branding to appear legitimate but is not authorized or connected to the real Barnes & Noble company.

2. Can I safely purchase items from

It is not safe to purchase items from The site is known for not delivering orders and potentially stealing payment information for fraudulent use.

3. How can I identify if an online store is legitimate?

Check for secure checkout processes (HTTPS in the URL), verifiable contact information, and realistic pricing. Also, search for reviews or feedback about the site online before making a purchase.

4. What should I do if I’ve already made a purchase on

Monitor your financial accounts closely for unauthorized transactions and consider contacting your bank or credit card provider to report potential fraud. You may also want to change any passwords or security details associated with your payment methods.

5. How can I safely shop for Barnes & Noble products online?

To ensure safety, always shop directly through Barnes & Noble’s official website ( or verified physical stores. Avoid third-party sellers or unfamiliar sites claiming to sell B&N products.

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