Meet Murray Hone: Ex Husband of Canadian Star Evangeline Lilly

Murray Hone is not a household name. He does not walk red carpets or appear in glossy magazines. Yet Murray Hone’s brief marriage to Hollywood star Evangeline Lilly has made his relative obscurity all the more intriguing to outsiders. This unlikely relationship brought together two people living vastly different lives – one accustomed to fame, the other preferring anonymity. 

While details remain scarce, their union provides a small window into the man behind the headlines of a celebrity love story. Away from the glare of Hollywood, just who is Murray Hone?

From Rinks to Spotlights: Murray Hone’s Early Years

Long before meeting Lilly, Murray Hone lived the life of a dedicated athlete. He was born on November 12, 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin where hockey reigned supreme during the long winter months. Hone took to the sport at a young age and honed his skills throughout his youth.

After a standout high school hockey career, Hone played for several minor league teams including the Madison Monsters. As team captain, he gained recognition for his aggressive physical play and offensive instincts around the goal. 

A series of injuries forced Hone into early retirement in 2004, finishing his professional hockey career at just 26 years old.

Transitioning to Life Beyond the Ice 

Hanging up his skates was surely difficult, but it marked a new beginning for Hone’s working life. He leveraged his hockey knowledge to become an analyst and broadcaster covering the sport he loved. 

Hone provided color commentary on hockey games for regional Wisconsin networks, using his firsthand experience to educate viewers on nuances of play. He earned praise for his easygoing yet insightful breakdowns of the action on ice.

This broadcasting work kept Hone close to the game while allowing him to transition into a more stable career path. Though his playing glory faded, his visible role in hockey media gave him new connections across the sport.

Settling into Obscurity 

While diving into his post-retirement career, Hone maintained an unassuming lifestyle centered on family, fitness and his ever-present love of hockey. When not working as an analyst, he could be found at local rinks skating with fellow retired players or dropping in on high school team practices to share guidance.  

By all accounts, Hone enjoyed the relative tranquility of home life in Wisconsin out of the stressful spotlight faced by higher-profile sports figures and celebrities. He struck a healthy balance between broadcasting work and privacy. 

Besides his passion for hockey, little was known publicly about Murray Hone’s private world by the late 2000s. That quiet existence away from fame’s glare was soon disrupted, however, by a chance encounter with Hollywood royalty.

A Serendipitous Meeting

Details surrounding Hone’s first meeting with famed actress Evangeline Lilly remain sparse over a decade later. The couple kept mum about their relationship in its early days, perhaps unsure what future it held.

In later years, Lilly touched briefly on being introduced through mutual friends while visiting her native Canada. Yet no specifics are known regarding where or when this remarkably unlikely pairing began connecting. 

Suffice to say, the circumstances aligning a modest Midwestern athlete with a literal Hollywood superstar seemed extraordinarily serendipitous. But connect they did, sparking a whirlwind romance no tabloid could have predicted.  

Whirlwind Romance Blossoms

Hone and Lilly concealed their budding romance well from invasive media curiosity in 2009. Considering the massive fame Lilly was then experiencing from her breakout role on ABC’s smash television series _Lost_, secrecy must have required immense effort from the couple.

Yet even as Lilly’s star trajectory propelled skyward, she and Hone nurtured a private bond away from flashing cameras. Their interactions remained low-profile during furtive visits and behind-the-scenes rendezvous. 

Despite near opposite lifestyles, the connection clearly resonated. Just one year after crossing paths, Hone and Lilly decided to take fate’s intervention to the ultimate commitment. 

Surprise Marriage Makes Headlines 

In January 2010, mere months after _Lost_ aired its hugely anticipated series finale, Lilly and Hone announced their marriage following a small private ceremony in Canada. The wedding marked the first public confirmation of their relationship status to the world at large.

For outsiders, this bombshell pairing of a globally famous television actress and an obscure American hockey analyst invited endless fascination. What dynamic prompted such divergent souls to wed? Would contrasts in lifestyle and fame strain the fledgling marriage?

The ultimate answers remained locked away from rampant speculation. But while the tabloid gossip accelerated, Hone and Lilly progressed forward as hopeful newlyweds embracing their unlikely destiny together.

Settling Down Away from Hollywood

Where exactly the couple made their new home also remains mysterious. They were undoubtedly faced with determining how public of a life to lead now that superstardom encircled Lilly’s orbit.

Hone surely wished to retain some degree of normalcy rather than subject his wife and young children to perpetual media harassment. Thus, it is believed they divided time between Los Angeles, Vancouver and Hone’s old Wisconsin stomping grounds. 

This balanced anywhere from glittering Hollywood premieres to mundane Midwestern suburban life allowed Hone and Lilly some semblance of regular family experience together.

Post-Career Pursuits

With his playing days finished and broadcasting career limited to occasional hockey commentary gigs, Hone focused on home, family and maintaining connections to sports during his married years with Lilly. 

He coached youth hockey teams, mentoring young players as they pursued the dreams he achieved. Hone also actively participated in player associations supporting ex-NHL athletes, forging an advocacy community around issues like healthcare and financial security.

Always athletic and competitive, Hone took up marathon running alongside his wife as well, completing several races while raising money for important causes.

Staying busy while Avoiding the all-consuming Hollywood machine ultimately enabled their marriage to endure those first fragile years.

 Cracks Emerge

  • Early Signs of Trouble: By late 2012, public indications of issues in Hone and Lilly’s marriage began to emerge through tabloid photos showing arguments.
  • – Stressful Lifestyles: Both Hone and Lilly led demanding careers that took them across North America, on top of raising two young children.
  • Growing Fatigue and Resentment: The constant pressure and lack of time may have contributed to increasing tension between the couple.
  • – Divorce Filed: In March 2013, Lilly filed for divorce, marking the end of their marriage.

Retreating from Fame…Again

Finalized later in 2013, Hone and Lilly’s divorce reverted Murray’s world closer to pre-fame obscurity he enjoyed before their serendipitous union. No longer daily fodder for paparazzi or gossip bloggers, Hone returned focusing to sports broadcasting and quality time with loved ones.

Much like after his hockey retirement, keeping low public visibility smooths life’s disruptions. Now relieved media glare as Lilly’s ex, Hone slid comfortably back into Wisconsin living far from Hollywood’s searing lamps.

Navigating a remarkable chapter flooded with spotlight and scrutiny, his existence regained familiar comforting shadows offstage once more.

 Settling Back into a Quiet Life

Today Murray Hone maintains fulfilling post-divorce pace balanced between professional work, hockey passion, co-parenting and community activity. He continues periodically contributing sports commentary when opportunities arise locally.

Otherwise Hone embraces calm Wisconsin rhythms near family and friends. He plays recreational hockey, enjoys lake trips in summer and downhill skiing over winter months. Remaining athletic while avoiding career-paced sports intensity lets Hone relax mind and body.

Though far less glamorous than film premieres or press junkets, this quiet lifestyle stabilizes life’s pace, purpose and wellness. Pleasant predictability now defines his days four years removed from whirlwind fame.

For the small-town athlete who married an international superstar, normalcy breeds contentment once more.


Murray Hone’s remarkable marriage with movie star Evangeline Lilly connected two exceedingly different worlds for several intensely public years before separating. His relative obscurity collided abruptly with hermega fame under intense media glare.

Yet that glimpse into spotlight proved atypical for this grounded Midwesterner. Hone remains focused on sports passion, family and community since returning to comparatively tranquil life. Out of the headlines once more, he embraces this refreshing calm with gratitude and hard-won wisdom no tabloid could ever provide.

While no longer the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question as Lilly’s former spouse, Murray Hone’s version of happiness shines brightly back in quieter spaces beyond fame’s reach.


1. How did Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly meet?

   – The details of their first meeting remain sparse, and the couple kept their early relationship private.

2. Why did Murray Hone retire from professional hockey at 26?

   Murray Hone faced early retirement due to a series of injuries, concluding his playing career at a relatively young age.

3. What is Murray Hone’s post-retirement career?

   After retiring from hockey, Hone transitioned into sports broadcasting, providing color commentary on hockey games.

4. Where did Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly settle during their marriage?

   The couple divided their time between Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Hone’s hometown in Wisconsin, seeking a balance between Hollywood and privacy.

5. What is Murray Hone’s life like post-divorce?

   Post-divorce, Murray Hone returned to a quieter life in Wisconsin, focusing on sports commentary, family, and community activities.

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