The Brief Marriage of Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly

In the world of celebrity relationships, there are often whirlwind romances that burn bright and fizzle out quickly. One such brief marriage was between American ice hockey player and media personality Murray Hone and famous Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. Though their union was short, it brought together two people from vastly different worlds and left its mark on Hollywood history.

Early Life and Career of Murray Hone

Murray Hone was born on November 12, 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin. As a child, Hone took to ice hockey and showed immense talent in the sport from a young age. He played amateur hockey throughout his youth and eventually went on to play professionally in minor leagues after high school. 

In 2004, at the age of 26, Hone retired from professional hockey due to injuries. He then transitioned into a career in sports media and broadcasting. Hone worked as a hockey analyst and commentator for several years, lending his insider perspective to audiences across America.

Despite reaching moderate success in the world of sports media, Hone maintained a relatively low profile compared to the major stars of hockey and television. He valued his privacy and largely avoided the limelight outside of his professional career.

The Rise to Stardom of Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly, on the other hand, rapidly rose to become one of the most recognizable actresses of the 2000s. She was born in Alberta, Canada on August 3, 1979. After high school, Lilly did charity work abroad and served as a flight attendant. 

Her breakout role came when she was discovered by a Ford Modeling Agency agent on the streets of British Columbia in 2002. This launched her acting career, as she soon landed the iconic role of Kate Austen on the hit ABC drama _Lost_. 

The show premiered in 2004 and turned Lilly into a household name virtually overnight. She garnered critical acclaim for her performance and became famous internationally as part of the star-studded cast of the legendary series.

Two Different Worlds Collide

In 2010, after years of rumors and speculation about her love life, Lilly announced that she had married Murray Hone in a small, private ceremony. The wedding took place in Alberta, away from the prying eyes of Hollywood.

Their relationship perplexed fans and critics alike. Hone and Lilly seemed to come from two completely different worlds, with him being a relatively unknown former athlete and her being one of the most popular actresses on television. 

Little was known at the time about how their unlikely relationship blossomed. But it was clear that Lilly valued privacy in her personal life, perhaps finding a sense of normalcy with Hone that her celebrity status did not afford her with most others. Despite seeming mismatched on paper, the two appeared happy during their short-lived marriage.

A Marriage Cut Short  

Hone and Lilly’s marital bliss was sadly short-lived. In 2013, just three years after tying the knot, Lilly filed for divorce. The split appeared to be amicable, though the specific reasons were not made public. 

Lilly requested privacy during what was surely an emotional time, as the divorce finalized within several months of the initial filing. Both parties released brief statements announcing the split, citing irreconcilable differences and a commitment to co-parenting their two children.

While saddening, such brief Hollywood marriages are not entirely uncommon. The pressures of fame, busy schedules, and growing apart took their toll, it seems. Nonetheless, Lilly and Hone managed to separate on good terms.

Back to Life Out of the Spotlight

After the divorce, Murray Hone retreated back into his private life and once again avoided any semblance of the Hollywood lifestyle. He returned to his sports broadcasting career full-time while staying devoted to raising his children with Lilly out of the public eye.

Lilly also continued her acting work, appearing in major films like _The Hobbit_ trilogy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She remarried in 2022 to fellow actor Norman Kali. 

Despite their very different paths, Hone and Lilly remain friendly as they co-parent their children together. This brief marriage joined two fascinating people and served as an intriguing chapter in Evangeline Lilly’s adventurous life, even if it was not meant to last.

An Unlikely Pairing 

While Evangeline Lilly built a renowned acting career and became ahousehold name, Murray Hone intentionally stayed under the radar. His limited public profile and sports background stood in stark contrast to Lilly’s life in the spotlight. This made their relationship all the more surprising to outsider observers.

Some speculated that Lilly, weary of fame and scrutiny, found solace in the relative normalcy Hone provided. She valued privacy, and perhaps a spouse outside of Hollywood allowed her to maintain that separation between her public and personal lives.

Though an unconventional match, their marriage thrived for a time before unraveling. Their amicable split enabled both parties to return to their respective worlds – the fame of Hollywood and the obscurity of a private life. This unusual union connected two fascinating individuals for a brief, transformative period.

A Private Life Once More

Following the dissolution of his high-profile marriage, Murray Hone did what he does best – faded back into the shadows and resumed his quiet existence away from the cameras. Having experienced a fleeting brush with fame by marrying Evangeline Lilly, Hone seemed content to return to his past tranquility. 

By all accounts, Hone leads a perfectly normal life centered around family, ice hockey, and his sports broadcasting career. While his ex-wife dominates headlines in Extra and US Weekly, Hone’s privacy remains intact. 

Few public details are known about his post-divorce relationships or activities. This is likely just as Hone prefers, having satisfied his curiosity about the celebrity world only to retreating back into comforting obscurity.

An Enduring Fascination

Even a decade after Murray Hone’s separation from Evangeline Lilly, public curiosity about their unconventional relationship endures. The intriguing blend of a globally acclaimed actress and a notably private former athlete sparks ongoing interest.

  • Mysterious Beginnings: The circumstances surrounding their initial encounter remain shrouded in mystery, contributing to the intrigue that surrounds their union.
  • The Allure of Differences: Delving into the specifics of what attracted Lilly, a Hollywood star, to Hone, a former athlete, adds layers of fascination to their narrative.  
  • Unraveling the Bond: The intricacies of their relationship, from the highs of their whirlwind marriage to the subtle undercurrents leading to their amicable divorce, form an enigmatic tale.
  • Private Lives, Public Fascination: The dichotomy between Lilly’s high-profile career and Hone’s preference for privacy creates a compelling dynamic that continues to captivate public interest.

Despite the passage of time, Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly’s enigmatic connection sustains its allure, ensuring that their brief but captivating chapter endures in the annals of celebrity relationships.

An Enduring Fascination

Murray Hone’s dalliance with fame was temporary, but the mark left by his marriage to Evangeline Lilly still lingers. Their unlikely pairing and subsequent divorce piqued public interest despite both parties’ desire for privacy. 

In many ways, Hone provides a lens into understanding Lilly beyond her celebrity persona. Their relationship highlights her need for normalcy amidst the chaos of Hollywood. It also emphasizes Hone’s contentment living away from the limelight. Meanwhile, in the world of hip hop music, Blueface has made a name for himself with his off-beat flow and comedic lyrics. But beyond his career in rap, Blueface is a devoted father to his young son, Javaughn J. Porter. Born in 2017, Javaughn’s charming personality and multicultural background have captured the hearts of Blueface’s fans. Now at the age of seven, the adorable Javaughn J. Porter is growing up with the support of his famous father and a loving extended family.


Murray Hone never sought fame or recognition, preferring to live quietly outside celebrity circles. Yet his surprising marriage to and divorce from acclaimed actress Evangeline Lilly became an object of public fascination. Their unlikely relationship brought together contrasting worlds for a few short years before dissolving amicably. 

Hone returned to his private life, comfortable in obscurity once more. Lilly continued her ascent to stardom. Though brief, their union remains an intriguing glimpse into the personal life of a renowned movie star and the low-profile man who won her heart, if only temporarily. This unusual pairing connected two very different people on a deeply personal level before their paths diverged again. Their story illustrates the complexity of love and the allure of lives lived out of the spotlight.


1. How did Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly meet?  

The specifics of how Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly met are not publicly known, adding to the mystique of their relationship. They kept details of their personal lives private, consistent with their low-profile approach to their marriage.

2. What led to the divorce between Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly?  

While the exact reasons for their divorce have not been made public, the split was described as amicable. The challenges of maintaining a relationship in the public eye, coupled with their different lifestyles, may have contributed to their decision to part ways.

3. Did Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly have any children together?  

The article does not provide information on whether Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly had children together. Their private approach to their personal lives has kept many details out of the public domain.

4. What is Murray Hone known for?  

Murray Hone is known for being a former professional ice hockey player and sports broadcaster. However, he gained significant public attention through his brief marriage to actress Evangeline Lilly.

5. Has Evangeline Lilly remarried since her divorce from Murray Hone?  

Yes, Evangeline Lilly remarried in 2022 to Norman Kali, also an actor. Lilly has continued to thrive in her acting career, appearing in major film franchises while maintaining a balanced personal life.

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